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Does Planet Fitness Sell Tanning Lotion

Does Planet Fitness Sell Tanning Lotion?

When it comes to getting a tan on your pale complexion there is nothing mandatory than a good tanning lotion that is perfect for your skin type and gives proper hydration at the same time. That is why if you are planning on getting a tan for the first time you have to find out your skin type in the first place so that you can understand which lotion will work best for you.

If you are a beginner and looking for a tanning lotion while you’re at Planet Fitness you don’t have to worry at all as they allow mostly four types of tanning lotions for all skin types. In some places, they give you these tanning lotions for free and in some places, they will charge for your card. But it’s best to take your tanning lotion with you to the gym. 

Moreover, if you are a regular member of Planet Fitness then you should change your membership to PF black card membership so that you can enjoy all of their premium services. 

Apart from the tanning lotions, there are some other concerns related to tanning that everyone should know if they are likely to get a tan for the first time. 

Does Planet Fitness Sell Tanning Lotion?

Yes! They do. You will find very limited options for tanning lotions for different skin types. Mostly they offer four types of tanning lotions which you can buy from their gym. As it is a privately owned business with many locations, not all its branches offer the same products. 

In some branches, the tanning lotions are offered for free and in some locations, you have to purchase them. But you also have the freedom to bring your own tanning lotion into the gym. If you look online on their official website, you might not find any option for purchasing any tanning lotion. 

This means you have to be present at Planet Fitness to purchase their tanning lotions. Moreover, they offer only four types of tanning lotions which may seem very limited to some. That’s why the best solution for you will be to bring your own lotion. 

What Are Tanning Beds Used For

Tanning beds allow you to get tan or darker skin tone by emitting ultraviolet radiation. Tanning in a sun bed or tanning bed is like a glorified coffin. People with pale skin tone prefer to get tan more. Tanning beds allow you to get a quick tan, it’s comfortable and also gives you a relaxing experience. 

You can take a nap inside, it makes you feel well-rested and gives you a shot of endorphin, so you feel good; you feel like you look better. It gives you quick tanning than the traditional way of tanning where you have to lay down under the sun for hours to get a tan. It makes your complexion look a lot nicer and you kind of get a glow on your whole body. 

Types Of Tanning Lotion

There are different kinds of tanning lotions and it is very hard to understand especially for a beginner what each kind of lotion does and the benefits of it, what type will be best for you, and what type you should spend your money on, etc. So here we are going to discuss some of the main types of oil or lotion so that you can find the right kind of lotion for you and your tanning needs. 

  1. Intensifier or accelerator: It is the most basic type of lotion. They are best for beginners and they are super hydrating. Because as a beginner you have to hydrate your skin before getting interested in the tanning bed as those hash rays onto your skin will dry out your skin very fast. They don’t have any extra color; just a plain lotion to hydrate your skill. 
  2. Bronzer: They do have that instant color and you’ll see a brown color in the lotion when you squirt it out of the bottle. With these lotions, you tend to get a ten a lot quicker because you’re getting the fake tan plus the natural tan altogether. So your results are going to be a little faster. 
  3. Tinglers: People either love them or hate them. They can be the worth thing in the world for some people or the best thing. It mostly depends on your pain tolerance and how often you use them. It is totally up to each person. What happens with these lotions is that you apply the lotion and it stimulates the skin and the blood underneath the skin to rise to the surface. 
  4. Comments: It’s the opposite of tinglers. These lotions instantly cool down your skin. You can use most coolants indoors and outdoors. But they don’t tend to speed up the tanning process as they are just designed to cool you down. 
  5. Facial tanners: They are supposed to tan your face as they sound. Your face has the thinnest skin on your body and it loses the tan the quickest and it takes the longest time to tan as well. So these lotions will speed up the process and put a quickie tan on your face.
  6. Maximizers: They do not have any harsh chemicals which will give you a more natural-looking tan. It is a white lotion. They are recommended to use after a base tan. They hydrate and expand the tan on your skin. 
  7. Blushes and thermal: They give you the same tanning effect as a tingler but without all the pain. You can mix these with your other tanning lotions or you can use them on their own completely. 

Tanning Beds Benefits

Many people believe that tanning beds are as useful as laying under the sun to get those good old vitamin Ds. And these claims are somewhat true or partially true. They have many other benefits other than getting vitamin D. such as:

  • It helps you improve your appearance by removing the pale complexion that you have
  • It allows you to get a good relaxation time as you lay inside the box 
  • It enhances your mood
  • It increases the vitamin D level in your body
  • It makes you energetic
  • Some claim that the rays inside a tanning bed also help lengthen your lifespan 
  • Reduces cellulite in your body
  • Gives you a rosy glow 

Are Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Open?

If you are new at tanning then you must also be confused about a lot of different things related to tanning. And that’s perfectly alright. So if you are new at Planet Fitness tanning then you must be wondering if they are open or not and at which time it opens or closes. You would be happy to know that Planet Fitness Tanning is open 24/7 and you can just jump into one at any time. 

4 Easy Steps To Know How To Turn On A Tanning Bed At Planet Fitness

To get a good effect from the tanning beds you have to use them consistently and you have to be working out as well. It’s not just a machine that you jump into and it magically makes you look perfect. When you walk in follow the steps to get an active effect in the tanning bed:

Step 1

After you get inside you have to lock the door for your private purposes. We would also recommend you take your sunglasses so you can put them on during the process. It might look like a tanning bed but you might have to stand up the whole time. It has a red light therapy which is different from the tanning bed. It also has a vibration therapy for your tiring muscles. When you stand on it you can choose your intensity level which will help you reduce your cellulite.

Step 2

You have to do this three times a week, by actively working out and eating healthy. Inside there will be a power button that looks kind of like an iPod. You have to hit that power button and then to the left, you will see an arrow. You have to hit that arrow two times.

Step 3

Then on the top, there will be a plus sign. You have to press that button depending on the level you want to do. So if you’re just at a beginning level you just hit the plus sign once. If you want to go a little bit more, hit it twice. It goes up to level four. Once you do that the machine will start running with the selected settings. 

Step 4

On the right side, you have another arrow. You have to press that arrow twice once the machine starts. And then you press the plus sign again and that’s going to turn the fan up for you. The whole cycle takes about 10 minutes to attain. 

How To Use Tanning Bed At Planet Fitness

To use a tanning bed at Planet fitness follow the instructions below:

  1. You need to get a PF black card for the membership which is will allow you to use the tanning beds
  2. Take your sunglasses with you always
  3. Take an appointment at the desk 
  4. If you are a first-timer the staff will help you throughout the whole process and the setups
  5. Use a hydrating tanning lotion before jumping into the bed or booth
  6. You have to identify your correct skin type so you can adjust the steering of the tanning bed
  7. Make sure your whole body is getting the lights evenly so that the tan does not look patchy afterward
  8. After your tanning session do not get a shower immediately 

Planet Fitness Tanning Review

When you are planning to use a tanning machine for the first time you must do the proper research about the whole process. Because otherwise, it can do more harm than good for you. It is always better to get a PF black card membership which will allow you to enjoy as much time as you want in the tanning machine. People who work out a lot mostly prefer it as it also provides a lot of benefits for your skin. But you should not ever do it as it can damage your skin permanently and also dry it out. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should You Tan Before Or After A Workout?

If you are planning to use a tanning machine then you also have to use it after you’re done with your workout because then your muscles will be sore and tiring which will get relaxed after the tanning session. 

Can You Tan Only At Planet Fitness?

You can find tanning services in many spas or gyms other than the Planet Fitness centers where the service is regulated 24/7 if you own a PF black card membership. 

How Long Should I Tan For The First Time?

If you are a beginner then your tanning session should not be more than just 5 to 7 minutes. If you exceed this timing then there is a good possibility that you might get a dearth of sunburn with a lot of uncomfortable pain. 

Which Is The Best Tanning Lotion?

There are many options when it comes to tanning lotions but not all are perfect for you. When you plan on getting a tan you need to identify your skin type so that you can select the right kind for you. Some of the most popular types are Intensifiers or accelerators, bronzers, maximizers, bronzers, thermals, etc. 

Should I Tan Before Or After Working Out At Planet Fitness?

Without any doubt, you need to tan after you are done working out at Planet Fitness. This way your muscles will get relaxed and you’ll feel much fresher after the tanning session. 

Do You Have To Flip Over In A Tanning Bed?

If you are using a tanning bed instead of a tanning booth then you have to rotate inside the bed so that the iv light hits all the spots evenly. Like in a 5-minute session, rotate on your back after one and a half minutes. Then on each of your sides for one minute or so. This way the UV light will tan all the areas of your body nice and evenly. 

How Do You Use A Tanning Bed For Beginners?

If you are a beginner then 5 minutes are enough for your first tanning session. But you can go up for 7 minutes as well which will be a bit more intense. But if you go further than that then you might burn your skin badly. Also, make sure you don’t go more than the second level of tanning intensity. 

What Do You Wear In A Tanning Bed?

Usually, people like to wear a bikini or underwear while they go inside the tanning bed or booth.  But you can also choose not to wear anything at all. It completely depends on your personal preference. 


People with whiter or pale skin tone get so obsessed with tanning that they almost ignore the risks of tanning on their skin. So if you are reading this you might also be interested in getting a tan. Well, of course, you can do it but you also must be aware of the risks and precautions that you have to take.

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