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Where Is Ashley Furniture Made? Complain Explained!

Where Is Ashley Furniture Made | Explained

Ashley Furniture is the largest privately-owned manufacturing company since 1945 in the USA. They are known to manufacture affordable yet classy furniture and are also a top importer. If you are running on a budget to decorate your home then this is the best place to purchase from. If you are wondering Where Is Ashley Furniture Made then keep on reading. 

Ashley Furniture has several manufacturing locations inside and outside the USA such as Wisconsin, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Vietnam, and China. More than 60 % of their products come from the factory and the rest of the 40 % are imported from all over the world. 

If you are wondering more about their locations, outlets, ownerships, brand value, customer reviews, sales, department, and history then you should scroll down to read.  

Where Is Ashley Furniture Made

Ashley Furniture is a well-known brand for home decorative furniture pieces and mostly for their affordable price range which attracts all sorts of people if they want to design their homes. Though they take lower prices than other furniture brands, they do not compromise on their product quality and materials. 

They specialize in the living room, dining room, office room,  bedroom, and other kinds of furniture you usually need. They have more than 700 outlets all over the world which indicates their popularity a lot.

It started its business in 1945 and currently is the largest furniture manufacturer in the world. To meet the customers’ needs they have opened several factories inside and outside the USA. Their manufacturing centers are located in Wisconsin, Mississippi, California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, China, and Vietnam. More than 60% of their manufacturing goods come from these factories.

Who Makes Ashley Furniture?

Ashley furniture manufacturers their products in several of their factories all over the USA. they design, craft, and manufacture their products by professional craftsmen and artists. They manufacture furniture for all kinds of home decors like living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, office room, etc. they have headquarters in Arcadia and Wisconsin. 

Is Ashley Furniture A Good Brand?

Ashley furniture is in business for the last 75 years and is one of the oldest furniture brands. They are extremely popular for their affordable price range and classically modern designs. They mainly focus on the simplicity of their products which can be placed in any type of home and will match with your home decor anytime. So if you are on a budget but don’t want to compromise your style you can surely purchase from Ashley furniture. By all means, they are a good furniture brand. 

Is Ashley’s Furniture Good Quality?

Ashley furniture is known for manufacturing affordable but elegant furniture pieces which makes them one of the most famous furniture brands in the USA and is still going strong. They have their outlets all over the world in countries like Vietnam, China, Canada, Mexica, Japan, etc. it is a billion-dollar company that makes sure their customers are satisfied with what they are purchasing. 

Where To Buy Ashley’s Furniture

Ashley furniture has many outlets all over the USA and also in many other countries. So you can go straight to their outlets to purchase their endless furniture collection and do the bargain. But you can also purchase from their online website where you might not find that much variety and options. They retail their product to self-owned businesses so you can look for their products in your local non-brand furniture stores. 

Ashley Furniture Customer Service

To get any kind of information about Ashley’s furniture products or for online shopping or sales, you can directly 

  • Call this number 866-436-3399 from Monday to Friday from 7 AM till 7 PM. you can also file any complaint regarding your product on this number 
  • You can also email them at their website which is 
  • For synchrony financial: 1-866-396-8254
  • Genesis Credit: 1-866-502-6439
  • Progressive Leasing: 1-877-898-1970
  • GAFco FInancing: 1-866-230-5210

Ashley Furniture’s Warranty Claim 

Ashley furniture covers a long list of warranty claims which you can find on their official website in detail. While purchasing online or directly from their store look if that specific product has one. But if you purchase from their retailers then you must be content with the manufacturer. 

Product Type Limited warranty Servicing coverage 
Frames used in leather products or upholstered Exclusive lifetime warranty1-year
Springs or webbed system5-years1-year
Recliner mechanism5-years1 year 
Sleeper 3-years1-year
Mattress 3-years1-year
Cushions 3-years1-year
Leather or upholstery fabric 1-year1-year
Top bed 30-days 30-days 
Others 1-year1-year

Is Ashley Furniture Going Out Of Business? 

Due to the Covid-19 situation, Ashley Furniture has gone through huge losses. To cover the losses they are now closing down most of their outlets and putting all their outlet products on sale. So you might find your local outlet closed on Tuesday and Wednesday because they are moving their products from the outlets to a warehouse. So if you want to know more about your local Ashley Furniture outlet call on their customer service number to get more details. 

Ashley Furniture’s Reviews

Ashley Furniture has been a trusted and budget-friendly furniture manufacturer that designs and imports its furniture using high-class materials which have gained them a lot of reputation. So that’s why they are still running their business after 75 years. Though customers have some mixed reviews about the durability of their products overall they are still doing well as a company. 

According to their online reviews 

Topics Score percentage
Customer satisfaction 7.5 out of 10 
Price range$51 to 4379+
Price value7.9 out of 10 
Return policy Only applicable before 72 hours by the manufacturers 
Perceived quality7.3 out of 10 
Quality of design & style7.9 out of 10 
Delivery system7.5 out of 10 

Compared Ashley Furniture Vs Living Spaces 

Ashley FurnitureLiving Space
Online storethey have an online store so you can purchase from homethey also have an online store with many options and offer a variety of furniture and customization 
Start-up Ashley furniture has been in the market for 75 years and started its business in 1945Living space has started its furniture business from 2003
OutletsThey Have more than 700 outlets inside and outside the USAHave 20 outlets in total in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas
Distributions They have distributors and retailers all over the world. Mostly retails in personal owned businessesHave retailer for distribution and clearance sale centers in California Coast and Phoenix
DeliveryDelivery cost depends on the product’s size and weight. You can receive delivery through the courier services or direct company transport or location pick up is also availableThey offer same-day delivery if you order before 4 PM. But they will charge on shipping and assembly
Warranty They offer a long list of warranties on many of their products which you can find on their website. If any defect is caused by the manufacturer they will replace or repair your product. But for misuses oneThey also offer a warranty option in a few of their products so you better look for the warranty before purchasing

Final Verdict

With lots of information provided in this whole article about Ashley Furniture, it will be a great source to find where is Ashley Furniture made, their factories, and everything that makes them the greatest brand in the USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Ashley Furniture Made In China?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Ashley Furniture is a manufacturer and importer of furniture pieces. They have outlets in many countries like China and Vietnam. Almost 60 % of their products are made in the factory and the rest of the 40% are imported from worldwide. As they have business in China some of their furniture pieces are made there as well.

Who Is The Largest Furniture Manufacturer In The World?

Ashley Furniture is the largest manufacturer and importer in the world with more than 700 outlets all over the world. They have over 7 billion dollars in revenue and 35,000 employees working under them. Ashley Furniture HomeStore is their subsidiary company. 

Is Ashley Furniture Made In Mississippi?

Ashley Furniture has several manufacturing companies in the USA and Mississippi is one of the largest factories of Ashley Furniture. In Mississippi, they have factories in Ecru, Mississippi, Arizona, and Ripley. 

Are Ashley Recliners Made In The USA?

Most of Ashley Furniture’s recliners are made in the USA but they are also manufactured in other countries like China and Vietnam. 

Does Ashley Make Furniture In The USA?

Yes! Ashley Furniture makes most of its products in its factories located in the USA. About 60% of their products come from the manufacturing department. The remaining 40% is imported from all around the world.

Where Are Ashley’s Chairs Made?

Like all the other products they manufacture their chairs in their factories which are situated in Wisconsin, Mississippi, California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, China, and Vietnam. 

Who Makes Ashley’s Signature Design?

Ashley’s signature design is a specialized division of Ashley Furniture. They launched it in 2005 and instantly became a hit. Ever since then till now this is one top of their popularity list. Customers from all over the world are pretty fond of their signature design furniture. Among all the signature designs furniture sofas and couches are in demand.