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How To Take Out Nose Stud With Flat Back | A Detailed Guide

How To Take Out Nose Stud With Flat Back

If you are using piercings for a few years or if you are a beginner with nose studs it is an easy thing to put on or take out a nose stud with a flat back. Mostly the pushpin nose and ring nose studs have a flat back which keeps the stud secure from falling off. So if you still don’t know how to take out nose stud with flat back? Let’s know the details!

To take out a flat head nose stud push the flat end with your finger so it does not hurt your piercing or move. Now grab the stud firmly and pull it so the pin is released and the stud comes right off. 

You learn more about nose piercing, different kinds of studs, their standard sizes, how you can put them on or take them off, and many other necessary topics that will help you determine which one is best for you to read the full article and pay attention.

2 Easy Steps To Know How To Take Out Nose Stud With Flat Back

Having push-pin nose studs for a long time may make it tricky to take off and can irritate your piercing. So follow the steps and take yours’ out:

Step 1

If your stud post seems slippery you can try to clean it with a tissue or wear a silicone glove so you can grab it easily. Now first, push the stud tip towards the inside of your nose so the stud post is away from the nose wall. 

Step 2

Now use your index and thumb finger to grab the flat end firmly. Now wiggle it a bit so the pin loosens and easy to take that out. You can also try twisting it. Now keep pulling it outwards and keep your pressure. After a while, the pin will release from the stud post and you can just pull the stud out. 

Types Of Nose Studs

Nose StudsDetails 
Corkscrew It is the most common type of nose ring that piercers pier with. They can be a little bit tricky to get in especially if you have nails. They stay in your nose steadily without falling.
Labret This kind of nose stud has a pin and a flat back. The top piece screws on it. You have to put that through the inside of your nose and then screw on the top. 
L- shaped nose ring These are good if you have a job and you need to take your nose ring in and out after the healing period. But because of their shape, they tend to fall out of the nose quite a lot. 
Bend-to-fit nose ringThey are great for those with thicker nostrils. If a corkscrew or an L-shaped nose ring does not work for you then this is the right choice for you. This looks like a regular earring, just longer and then you can bend it into an L-shape to fit your nose. 
Hoops When it comes to hoops you either like them or you don’t. Once it gets it it’s going to take time to get used to it. There are different types of hoops but it depends on your style if you want a plain one or one with stones or a beaded one. 
Bone The way they work is just a straight pin and it has a ball at the end that prevents it from popping back out.

Nose Piercing Stud Types 

  1. Nostril screw
  2. Nose bone stud
  3. Straight barbell
  4. Nose hoop 
  5. Horse ring
  6. Ring hoop
  7. Curved barbell
  8. Caprice bead ring
  9. L-shaped nose pin
  10. D-ring
  11. Segment ring

How To Take Out Nose Stud 

If you are taking out your nose piercing stud for the first time in years you must be feeling extremely scared. But let me let you, it’s not that hard to take your stud if you know the right way to do it. Here we are going to describe a few techniques to take out different types of nose studies.

Make sure when you are removing your nose studs that you can soak your piercing for 10 to 15 minutes or can do it after taking a shower because then your skin will be softer and not crusty. 


As we all know that corkscrew has a lot of twists and turns it is both difficult to put in and take out. So you have to be gentle while doing it. First, make sure the metal part is hanging outwards at the bottom of your nostrils. Now take your finger and pull the stud straight down. At this point, you should be able to grab the stud and be able to twist and lightly roll it out.

Nose Bone

It is very important to lubricate your stud end and the area of your piercing before trying to take it out. Because these studs have a little bid at the end. So put your finger into your nose and push it outwards so you can grab the stud with your fifth figure. Now hold the stud from the outside and put it with your finger from the inside. Take your time and keep pushing and pulling the stud and it will come out. This might hurt a little because of the bead. 

Nostril L

These studs are almost identical to the corkscrew and the taking-out process is the same. Push the stud outwards and pull it down so it’s in the hanging position and then just pull it out again. It will come right off. 


They come in many types like the threaded style or the threadless style. They look similar and have a tiny disc on the inside and a ball or gem on the outside. The threadless style has a pin with a small bend and when you push it in it will be held in by pressure. To take out the pin hold the disc firmly and pull it. Once the pin is out you can just take out the stud easily. 

The threaded ones have a ball or a bead inside with is threaded to the stud and to remove this one you need to grab that ball and twist it in the other direction to release that ball. Once the ball is out just pinch and take out from the outer part.


There are a couple of different options with these rings. You can have the captive bead ring, clickers, or seam rings. The seam ring has a little gap in the middle and you have to physically bend the ring like the S and wiggle it outwards to take on the ring. 

lickers have a hinge on there and if you look closely there will be two gaps on the studs. You have to click out the hinge and turn it towards the hole and just pull it out. 

The bead rings have a bead with dimples on each side of the ring which closes the two ends of the ring. Now place the bead between your hands and press the bead with your thumbnail so it loosens from one side and does the same with the other end. When the bead comes off simply take off the ring. 


With hoops, you have to turn the end part towards the piercing hole so it aligns and pull it outwards gently. 

How To Take Out A Nose Stud For The First Time

If you are taking out your nose stud for the first time, make sure your piercing has healed fully and lubricate the area nicely and well before you pull out the stud. Usually, labret is used for piercings. Because they are pretty easy to put on and pull out. 

  • First, push the stud inside so you can grab the end disc firmly
  • Then hold the disc from the inside with one hand and the gem side with other
  • Now pull the disc firmly so it comes out or if it’s a threaded one, then unthread the disc 
  • Now push the stud outwards so you can pull it out just like that

How To Take Out Nose Stud L-shaped

This kind of nose stud has an L shape to it. They usually come straight and then you bend them according to your nose size. They are also known as fishtail nose rings. The top part looks like a little lightning bolt stud. If you want to take yours out then follow the process down below:

  • First, make sure your hands are clean and germ-free before you put your hands inside your nose
  • Now put your index finger inside your nose and push the nose stud upwards and outwards
  • Now with your hand pinch the bolt 
  • Then pull it outwards and pull it down 
  • Once it’s hanging grab it and pull it out

How To Put In A Nose Hoop With A Gem

This specific type of hoop nose ring is typically open on one side and has a ball on the other and also has some type of stone or design. 

  • So first up, is to open the nose ring and to do that pull it apart and twist it in other directions so it looks like a snake
  • Now push the ring from the open side which does not have a ball
  • Align the stud end with your nose piercing hole and gently push it inside
  • Keep rotating the ring so it goes inside till the stone
  • Make sure the stone is on the pierced hole 
  • Now bend the ring the way it was and pinch so the gap lessened 

How to put in a nose stud with a flat back | Key Point

Labret nose studs have flat backs which look like a disc and it stays hooked inside the stud. Usually, this kind of flat back studs are used for lip piercing but there are also pretty popular for nose, ears, etc. so to put on a back nose stud you have to 

  • Wash your hands first 
  • Put your finger inside your nose and hold the back of the flat back
  • This will push the stud outside so you can grab the tip of the stud 
  • Now pull the stud outwards slowly 
  • Give it a little while to release and it will eventually come off

What Is Stud Nose Piercing?  

A nose piercing is a piercing that is anywhere on the outer nasal cartridge area right in the softer part of your nose. A regular nose piercing is sent along at the curve of the nose. It is a pretty popular piercing next to like lobes or just standard helix piercing. They are now getting accepted into the professional world. 

There are a variety of options that you can do for a nose piercing such as something super dainty or even something very bold. There are also things called high nostril piercings. 

Nose Stud Sizes 

When it comes to nose stud sizes different people prefer different sizes. But there are some standard sizes that you can check outfit you are a beginner. So for the standard sizes, you have to look for two types of thicknesses first. Either you can go with 18 gauge or 20 gauge. 18 gauge will be a bit thicker and 20 gauge will be a bit slimmer. 

When it comes to studs or no screws or mini push pin barbells or anything like that they are probably going to be 18 gauge. You can occasionally find nostril screws in a 20 gauge. For the rings, you can find both 18 and 20 gauge but 20 gauge looks nicer. 

As for the diameter sizes, 5/16 is pretty standard. But you’ll also find 9/32s, 11/the 30s, etc. Nostril screws come in one size both online and offline which is 18 gauge and 5/16 in length. 

How To Remove The Nose Ring | 2 Simple Steps

A Detailed Guide About How To Take Out Nose Stud With Flat Back

Putting in nose rings is a serious struggle and taking them out can be even harder. If you are new to nose rings that can be a tricky choice for you. So you choose either 18 gauge or 21 gauge depending on your piercing.

So if you want to change your ring then you can follow the tricks we are going to explain:

Step 1

To take out a nose ring there is a flat surface up against the inside of your nostril. So start from the bottom and then push in from the outside.

Step 2

When you’ll push you’ll see the bottom coming out. So keep pushing in a circle until it comes right off.

How To Remove Labret Nose Stud

When it comes to labret nose studs the threaded ones are really hard to take off. There are two different threaded styles. The first one is externally threaded. Most piercers don’t recommend this because each time it comes off ripping and tearing. 

The other one is internally threaded. These can work because you don’t have to check the tightness so you don’t lose the ball. So let’s discuss how you can take out your labret threaded nose stud:

  • Make sure to wash your hands and not sticky or slippery 
  • Now push your stud inside so you can grab the ball inside
  • Grab the threaded ball with your index and thumb tightly
  • When you have a grip gently try to unscrew the ball and gradually increase the force
  • Once its loose take it out and now you can just pull out the stud outwards

Final Verdict

If you were confused with your piercings or having second thoughts about changing one then reading the whole thing must have cleared everything by now and you’ve finally got all the answers you were looking for, by this how to take out nose stud with flat back article.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Different Types Of Nose Studs?

There are endless varieties when it comes to nose studs. They also come in different gauge sizes and diameters. Corkscrew, L-shaped, labret, nose bone, barbell, fishtail, hoop, etc. are the most used and famous ones. 

Which Type Of Nose Pin Is Best?

The only answer to this question is, that it varies. Different people prefer different types of nose pins. The sizes and thickness also vary accordingly. If you work in an office that does not allow nose piercings then you might need to take them off before going to the office all the time. 

So the nose pin has to be flexible enough. In that case, the L-shaped ones are the best. They are very easy to put on and take off in seconds. They are pretty thin so you won’t have any pain while taking them off regularly. So the standard size of it should be 20 gauge 5/16s. 

What Is The Safest Nose Stud?

Without any doubt, the labret unthreaded nose studs are the safest ones, and they don’t come off that easily once you put them on. 

How Do I Remove My Flat Back Nose Ring?

To remove the flat back nose ring push it inwards so the flat end comes out hanging from the nose. Keep pushing it inside until the ring comes off. 

How Do You Put In A Push Pin Nose Stud?

To put on a pushpin nose stud, push the stud inside your piercing hole straight ways and hold it so you can insert the flat end pin inside the statute. This may be a bit tricky but feel the hole of your stud with your finger and try pushing the pin inside tightly. 

What Is The Most Secure Nose Stud?

Pushpin nose studs are pretty secure and perfect for brand-new piercings. But make sure the student has a length to it so the piercing can heal properly. They will stay secure and won’t be tight to your nose. 

What Is A Push Pin Piercing?

A pushpin piercing stud is a form of labret nose stud. Here the top of the gen or the flower or the crystal is the top part and the post is leaning together but it’s through a silver thin pin and it’s used pressure and a little bit of a bent to create tension to hold it in place. 

Push Pin Vs Threaded Screw Flat Back Piercing

Both these are forms of labret piercing used on the nose or lips. A pushpin is much easier to put on than the threaded one. With the pushpin, you have to push the stud through your piercing and then align the pin inwards to push it through the studs hole. On the other hand, the threaded ones need to be screwed into the post. 

How To Remove Screw Front Earrings

Once you push in the stud inside the piercing you have to place the pin onto the post and thread it to the right to tighten it and to the left to loosen it.