How Long Does Casetify Take To Ship | Complete Guide

Detailed Guide How Long Does Casetify Take To Ship

If you are already in this article, reding then you must be interested to purchase your desired customized phone accessory from Casetify. So we guess you know how mesmerizing and stylish looking their products are which you won’t find anywhere else. If you are purchasing for the first time it is common to wonder about how long does Casetify take to ship and you are in the right place to find that answer. 

For standard shipping orders, it takes 1 to 3 business days for Casetify to ship your product if you are located inside the USA but for international shipping, it takes a bit longer as your product goes through third-party delivery services. But if your due date is over then you can always check for updates and track your order from their website. 

To learn more about Casetify delivery services, their headquarters, their products, the shipping procedures, their location, contact numbers, shop addresses, and much more you can read further to learn all about right down below.

How Long Does CASETiFY Take To Ship | Detailed Shipping Guide!

Usually, the shipments of Casetify products inside the USA have an estimated delivery time of 1 to 3 days. But for the international shipping delivery, this may take longer as products have to pass through different checking points, perfect the items, manage third-party delivery services and so many other things. So the main thing is, that the destination matters a lot when it comes to shipping timing. 

Where Is Casetify Located?

Casetify is a phone case and electronic accessory brand that has headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in LA (Los Angeles). This company started its journey in 2011 from its headquarters by customizing phone cases with Instagram photos. After gaining enormous popularity they have collaborated with many famous brands like DHL, Saint Laurent, Pokemon, Vetements, Blanc & Eclare, etc. 

Casetify Hk Store Location

The detailed store location of Casetify in Hong Kong is Shop B26-28, B/F, Landmark Atrium where their official headquarter is. Their opping hour is from 11:30 AM to 8:00 PM HKT daily. 

Where Does Casetify Ship From?

When Ronald Yeung started his company Casetify the shipments were sent from their headquarters which is located in Hong Kong. Later they opened some branch offices in LA and the shipments then started also releasing from there. But in recent times they have opened offices in many countries so they can ship worldwide. 

Casetify Business Number?

The business number of Casetify Hong Kong location is 3480-3191 and you can also contact us via email t the address

Casetify Hk Number?

The number of the Casetify Hong Kong office is 3480-3191 and you can also email at

Does Casetify Come From China?

As Casetify is based in Hong Kong, China as their headquarters and also in LA they do come from China as well and ship worldwide. But unfortunately, due to some issues, Casetify orders from America can not ship in Chine any longer.

Does Casetify Ship From America?

Casetify has grown so much and gained popularity worldwide that they successfully do shipping all around the world even in America. As they have an office in LA the shipping procedure in America is easier and takes less time. 

How Long Does Take To Ship To Canada?

As shipping to Canada from the US has some restrictions Casetify can not ship orders directly to Canada. But through some indirect delivery companies, the deliveries can be processed and you only need to pay an additional charge for that.  

Why Is Casetify Taking So Long?

If your Casetify shipping is taking a long time to reach or surpassed the estimated delivery date this could happen because some may currently have nil inventory and may take in the restocking process. 

How Can I Check My Order Status?

To check or track your order status first sign-in on the Casetify account that you made for purchase. Then you will find a ‘Track order’ option and you have to click on it. Your shipping details will appear on the next page. In many cases, the delivery guys tracking information will be available in 1 or 2 business days after the order has been shipped. 

Check Order Status Here:

What Courier Does Casetify Use?

For the standard shipping, all their orders are shipped by the National Postal Service to the nearest destination location. For international shipping, they use the service of various delivery companies considering the location. If you want to receive your delivery from outside America you may need to sign on the package to receive your item or pickup yourself from a certain delivery company closer to your location. 

How To Order For Shipping On Casetify?

If you are placing your order from outside the US then you have to register for a third-party delivery service. But if you are in the US they will deliver through national postal services straight to your location. 

What Is Casetify’s Average Shipping Time?

Usually, the standard average shipping time of Casetify is 1 to 3 business days after being dispatched from the facility. But it may take longer than the due date at your product needs checking or perfecting or if it’s a peak season. 

How Much Is Shipping?

The shipping charge of Casetify varies depending on the shipping destination and the size of your order. Usually, there is an option for free standard shipping is $39.99 which is only applicable with the orders’ total value after discount. Or a flat shipping fee will be added. Another thing you need to know is that the shipping fee is non-refundable. 


If you are thinking to purchase from Casetify then you must read this how long does Casetify take to ship the article fully so you are ready to go through the whole process with ease we hope you find all the necessary answers here. Let us know what more things you would like to know about Casetify.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where Is Casetify Located?

The headquarter of Casetify is in Hong Kong, China and they also have branch offices in Los Angeles. 

Where Is Casetify HK?

Casetify’s headquarter is in Hong Kong, China. 

Why Is Casetify So Popular?

Casetify is the first company that came up with an innovative idea to design customized phone cases using exquisite photos from Instagram. They also made sure to make their phone cases strong to give full coverage which will protect your phone from breaking for chipping if dropped on the ground. 

Since the company started its journey they have constantly gained popularity worldwide with its innovative ideas incorporated into its products. That’s why they are constantly launching newer products related to all kinds of electronic products which is making them even more popular all over the world.

Is Casetify A Big Company?

After launching in 2011 Casetify has gained so much popularity that it is now one of the three biggest companies for electronic accessory brands in the world. 

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, they successfully ship internationally all over the world. 

How Long Does It Take For Casetify To Ship?

Usually, for standard shipping, it takes 1to 2 business days to ship but international deliveries may take a little longer after dispatch. But you can always track down your order in case the due date is passed. 

How Long Does It Take To Get A Casetify Case?

Depending on the shipping location the timing can vary. If you are located inside America then you will receive your delivery in under 1 to 3 days and if you are outside America then this may take longer.