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How To Fix The Gap Under The Fence Gate | A Complete Guide

A Complete Guide To Know How To Fix The Gap Under The Fence Gate

Pet owners are always concerned about gaps underneath their fence, the bottom of the fence level, and their backyard is not, which means dogs are not contained. Blocking gaps underneath the fence wall is possible but it’s a lot trickier than people realize. So that’s why you need to know how to fix the gap under the fence gate in the easiest way. 

There are endless possibilities and ways and DIY ideas that you can apply for closing the gap under the fence gate or the fence overall. But mostly a traditional way to close the gap is by installing decks that will not only shorten the gap but also protects the soil underneath from being scratched up.

You can learn here about many possible ways to close the fence gaps, filling the issue of fence gates and poles, rubber flaps, wood fence gap fillers, and many more important topics that will be necessary to know for your everyday life. 

4 Simple Steps To Know How To Fix The Gap Under The Fence Gate

It is a very common problem with fence gates to have a visible amount of gaps underneath the fence gate which may encourage your pets to dig through and release them to the outside. So the most vulnerable spot of your fence has to be the gate.

Step 1

Composite decking is a great solution to block out the fence gate gap underneath which you can buy at your home store. If you have used regular wood boards you must know that in humid areas they can change their shape and size during those times. So it will be beneficial to get composite boards that do not have these problems. 

Step 2

You need to measure the gap of your fence gate so you know what length your composite boards should be. Also, measure the spot in between the posts of where the gate sits because there’s always concrete that spills out left and right below, and mark with a sharpie. 

Step 3

For the board cutting part, you need to have a regular circular saw with the right type of blade to cut the composite decking. Now it’s time to fix the correct length of composite decking use a 2×4 and tap it down on the ground with a rubber mallet after you dig a hole to make sure you are on sound footing. 

Step 4

Cut the boards according to the width of your gate so you can fit them underneath the ground. You may need a couple of pieces to make that decking. Find where the concrete ends and then lay your boards in, make sure they are nice and tight as much as possible. Use a shovel to cover the extra space around the boards so they don’t move and remain tightly in their place. Your decking should not exceed the height of your gate because you need to be able to close it. 

Fence Gap Filler Ideas

Filling fence gaps don’t have to be the usual looking you can add many DIY projects with those gaps, like:

  • You can add colored bamboo sticks in between the gaps to fill up the gaps
  • You can hang different shaped pot plants between the gaps of your fence
  • You can hang wind chimes in between the gaps
  • You can attach garden stones 
  • You can add birdhouses in the fillers which can be an environmental approach
  • Installing curved fencing panels will also solve the issue of fence gaps
  • If you have gaps underneath the fence then you can place large stones to cover the gaps
  • Placing bricks lengthwise will also solve the gap issue

How To Fix The Gap In Chain Link Fence Gate

If you have a gap between the fence gate and the pole then it is possible that the gate latch won’t work very well and there remains a possibility that your dog might break through that gate at any time. So, there is a nice DIY hack to fix that gate in no time:

Tools you’ll need

Step 1

First, use a measuring tape to measure the height of your fence pole and the gap between the pole and the gate. So you know how much gap you need to fill up in between.

Step 2

Now you need to get another pole which you will place in the gap from your local store. Cut the pole according to your measurement. Now with a drill driver screw the three brackets; one at the top, one in the middle, and the last one at the bottom. Repeat the same thing on the other side of the pole as well. Make sure the brackets are installed tightly. 

Step 3

Now it’s time to push the new pole inside the brackets. Then take your drill and drill the new pole to the brackets with the same hex screws nice and tight, so it does not move Your extra gap will be filled when you do that, up and your latch will stay in place. 

How To Fix Gap Under Pvc Fence 

Gaps underneath the PVC fence gate of your yard run the risk of your pets easily digging through their way out and getting lost or any feral animal can enter through the gap and ravage your yard easily. So follow the steps to fix that gap right now:

  • For this, you’ll need chicken wire, large rocks, soil, a shovel, and shrubs. First cut a piece of chicken wire that runs through the length and width of the gap under your fence. Make it double the width of the gap
  • Fold the chicken wire in half and it will be slightly wider than your gap. Insert the folded chicken wire through the gap with the spine facing down, so the bottom of the fence sits between the open fold
  • Lay heavy risks on both sides of the chicken wire. This will hold the wire in place and stop it from digging. Make sure that your top-level stones cover the sharp edges of the chicken wire
  • Cover the rocks with a layer of soil. Settle the soil down with the shovel to pack it and make it even. Plant shrubs along the fence line to further discourage digging

How To Lock A Chain Link Fence Gate

Installing a self-locking latch for a chain link fence gate can save you time and effort each time you open the gate. These locks close automatically once the fence gate is in place. To install these latches you need to have a considerable amount of gap between the fence gate so the latch fits perfectly in there. 

So measure the gate and the latch to start the installation process. You must measure the gate frame and post before purchase to ensure you are ordering the correct size. These latches fit a 1-⅜” gate frame and latch to a 2-⅜” chain link fence gate post.

Place the lock in position and drill screws to fix it in position. It will be easier for you if you follow the exact instruction manual with the latch kit. This way your lock chain link fence gate will be much safer to use.

How To Close The Gap Under The Fence Gate?

There are very few ways that you can use to close the gap under the fence gate if you are having problems with it. Such as 

Adding Chicken Wire 

If you want to close the extra ga under your fence gate you can do it by installing chicken wires into the gap. Measure the gap first with tape and cut the wires with a cutter according to your measurements. Now use these wires to attach the wire to the fence gate tightly and smoothly. So your gap closes. But make sure there is at least a 2 to 3-inch gap left underneath so it does not scratch the floor or the soil.

Wood Planks

If your fence gate is made of wood then you can add extra length to your gate by drill screwing wood boards like 2×4 or 2×8. Use larger nails so that when you are screwing the nails can reach both ends. This way the extra gap will be closed.

Add Concrete Tiles

If there is a visible gap under your fence gate then placing similar-sized concrete tiles can help you lessen that gap. These kinds of slabs are really easy to make at home or you can also buy them from the stores or order them according to toy our measurements.  

Rubber Flap For The Bottom Of The Gate 

A rubber flap for the bottom of the gate works best for hydraulic gates. They come in many types such as J-seals, bulb seals, music note seals, and double bulb seals.  

  • They have a hollow and solid bulb and are made of Teflon cladding 
  • They have fully molded corners
  • May come with or without bolt holes
  • New tooling molds can be created to meet the specific shape needed for your gate
  • They have an extremely short lead time 
  • They can be a custom blend with rubber compounds to fit your needs
  • They also allow you to have tons of tooling options to fit many gate profiles

Wood Fence Gate Gap Filler

  • Using 2×4 or 2×8 or 1×6 boards to fill gate gaps is pretty common and easy to solve your problem
  • You need to measure the gap with tape to identify which width of fillers you need
  • Then you can add the board widthwise or lengthwise 
  • Use long nails and drill to screw the nails through the board and the fence gate from each side so they stick together tightly
  • You must leave a little bit of gap in between which is necessary for the gate to sit right later on. 

Final Verdict

Finally, if you were having problems with any of your fences earlier now with the solutions we have just provided in this how to fix gap under the fence gate article, you can give anyone a try to resolve your issues so there are no more break-ins or outs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do You Fix The Gap At The Bottom Of A Fence?

With a wooden fence, you can push the boards down into the soil and lean them against the fence without nailing them. They can be adapted to fix the bottom gaps but this may not always work. You can also use chicken wires to cover the gap and place large rocks on top so they stay in place. Using bricks for gap closing is also pretty common.  

How Do I Stop My Dog From Going Under The Gate?

Usually, dogs dig through the soil underneath the gate to get loose which can only be solved by placing a deck underneath so they can not dig through if the gap is also closed at the same time. Use composite boards, cut them according to the width of your gate, dig a hole underneath the gate, place the boards in the hole, and close the excess spots with soli to fix the deck in place. This way your dog won’t be able to dig through the gate. 

How Do I Keep My Chain-link Gate Closed?

Using a self-locked latch is a great solution to keep the chain-link gates closed. They are made of heavy-duty metal with an extreme locking sticking mechanism that makes them convenient and safe. Once you open the gate with a key you only need to push the gate to close it automatically.

Can You Put A Lock On A Fence Gate?

Yes, you can. There are different types of fence gate locks available on the market, some are locks that can be opened by keys, some have a self-locking system, some deadbolts in them, etc. depending on your personal preference about the one you want to go with. Usually, people also use latches that you can just open and close. 

How Do You Secure A Chain Link Fence Gate For A Dog?

If you are having trouble with your chain link fence gate for your dogs you can do it in many ways. You can install a PVC pipe underneath the gate so your dogs can not push it or break it. You can aal pole to close the gap between the fence gate and the existing pole by bracing the poles together. This way your dogs won’t be able to push open the gate.

Should There Be A Gap Under The Vinyl Fence?

Having a gap underneath any kind of fence can be very dangerous if you have pets at home. They can easily lose themselves by breaking the fence or scraping off the soil underneath. So you should install a gap filler if you are having these problems. You can add chicken wires, bricks, word boards, a deck, large rocks, etc. to cover up that gap.

How many gaps Do You Need Between The Vinyl Fence And The Ground?

The requirement for the gap between the gate and the ground depends on the soil underneath the fence. If your soil is loose then dogs can easily dig holes through it. So you need to make sure you are blocking the bottom of your fence wall with chicken wires or bricks or wood boards etc. if your fence has a decking underneath then you can leave a 2 to 3 inches gap in between.