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Where Is Pottery Barn Furniture Made | Detailed Guide

A Complete Guide About Where Is Pottery Barn Furniture Made

Without any shadow of a doubt is leading the furniture industry for the last 73 years maintaining its position. They have so many outlets that you won’t have to struggle to find one. They match your style, and home decor, and offers all type of products to decorate your house ups and down. So you must be wondering where is Pottery Barn furniture made and what makes them so unique all the time.? We are going o answers that for you right now.

Pottery Barn furniture has its factory established in the USA and they have a couple of them in different locations where specific product models are handcrafted. They also import from all over the world to find the most exclusive pieces that will just blow your mind. Their main factory is in San Francisco and North Carolina.

So if you want to learn more about Pottery Barn furniture, their most famous furniture style, who designs them, where they import from, where their outlets are,  when they offer sales, how you can get notifications from them, etc. then keep on scrolling and reading. 

Where Is Pottery Barn Furniture Made?

Pottery Barn furniture is mostly and mainly manufactured, designed, and handcrafted in their factories. To maintain their product’s authenticity they design all their furniture with the help of their professional artsmen and craftsman, that is why all their pieces are unique and exclusive.

But they also do import from all around the world to give you the most mind-blowing pieces from your home. Their main factories are in San Francisco and North Carolina.

Who Owns A Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is an American High-End furniture brand that makes every piece unique and customized according to the order. This company was founded in late 1949 by Paul Secon and Morris Secon as their family business. Marta Benson is the president of their company. This company has headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA, and has many outlets all over the country.

Who Makes Pottery Barn Furniture

Pottery Barn designs and makes their furniture. But they also import from other countries. This luxury brand is famous for making customized furniture pieces and also delivers them straight to your door. They make furniture for all over the house and have especially in bedroom and living room furniture. 

Who Manufactures Pottery Barn Furniture? 

Usually, Pottery Barn furniture manufactures and imports their furniture from different parts of the world to maintain their products’ uniqueness. But most of their furniture is designed by the company’s extremely talented design team and artisans and crafted in their company factory which is located in North Carolina. They also take orders to make customized furniture according to the customer’s choice.

Where Are Pottery Barn Outlets (Address & Contact Number)

Outlet Address  Opening & closing Service option Phone number 
Alameda, CA, USA1680 Viking St STE 169-b, Alameda, CA 94501 9 AM – 6 PMIn-store shopping Curbside pickup delivery +1 510-521-1478
Northborough, MA, USA6110 Shops Way, Northborough, MA 0153210 AM- 8 PMSame +1 508-351-2992
West Covins, CA, USA2753 E Eastland Center Dr # 1450, West Covins, CA 9179110 AM-8 PMSame +1 626-858-3141
Goodyear, AZ, USA625 S Cotton Ln street 40, Goodyear, Arizona 8533810 AM-8 PMSame +1 623-925-0941
Joliet, IL, USA3301 Essington Rd, Joliet, IL 6043510 AM-7 PMSame +1 815-254-6863
Arvin, CA, USA5701 Outlets at Tejon PKWY Ste 100, Arvin, CA 9320310AM-8PMNo in-store shopping+1 661-858-2083
Essendon Fields VIC, Australia f008/100 Bulla Rd, Essendon, Fields VIC 3041 10 AM-5 PMIn-store shopping Curbside pickup delivery +61 3 951 0104
Moreno Valley, CA, USA27550 Eucalyptus Ave, Moreno Valley, CA 9255510 AM-8 PMSame +1 951-242-1490
Arlington, TX, USA459 E Interstate 20, Arlington, TX 7601810 AM-8 PMSame +1 817-419-2697
Birch Run, MI, USA12150 S Beyer Rd street F210, Birch Run, Miami 4841510 AM-8 PMSame +1 989-624-6092
Lancaster, PA, USA311 Stanley K Tanger Dr Ste 603, PA 1760210 AM-8 PM Same +1 717-496-9100
Dawsonville, GA, USA800 GA-400 Ste 700, Dawsonville, GA 3053411 AM-8 PMSame+1 76-216-6456
Riverhead, NY, USA1770 W Main St Ste 1603, Riverhead, NY 1190110 Am-8 PMSame+1 631-369-7699
Fenton, MO, USA788 Gravois Bluffs Blvd, Fenton, MO 6302610 AM-8 PMSame+1 636-326-6456
Jeffersonville, OH, USA8100 Factory Shops Blvd, Jeffersonville, OH 4312810 AM-8 PMSame +1 740-948-2004
Gaffney, SC, USAPremium Outlets, 1 Factory Shops Blvd street 205, Gaffney, SC-2934110 AM-8 PMSame+1 864-206-0117
Webster, TX, USA1529 Bay Area Blvd, Webster, TX 7759810 AM-8 PMSame+1 281-316-8895
Fredericksburg,VA, USACentral Park Plaza, 1731 Carl D. Silver Pkwy, Fredericksburg, VA 2240110 AM-7 PMSame+1 540-786-1522
San Marcos, TX, USA3939 S, I-35 # 920, San Marcos, TX 7866610 AM-8 PMSame+1 512-805-1002
Memphis, TN, USA4720 Spottswood Ave, Memphis, TN 3811710 AM-7 PMSame+1 901-818-9770

When Does Pottery Barn Have Sales? 

Pottery Barn offers special sales for several occasions throughout the year. Such as holidays, 4th of July, Labour Day, Black Friday, Memorial day, etc. 

They also host surprise year-ending sales, warehouse sales, and many other kinds of sales that people look forward to. So if you are also looking for a sale announcement from Pottery Barn be sure to check their official website now and then. 

Is Pottery Barn Furniture Made In China?

Pottery Barn manufacturers most of their furniture in their factory in San Francisco which is designed by their company craftsmen and designers? They also import some of their pieces and special materials like specific wood, fabric, etc. from different parts of the world. So it is not a surprise that they import from China. But none of their products are made there specifically regularly. 

When Are Pottery Barn Friends And Family? 

Usually, there is no specific date or time for Pottery Barn friends and family sales that we can mention if they account for this sale during the year? 

So the best way to learn about their friends and family sale is to sign in on their official website and turn on the sale notification so whenever the sale happens you will instantly get a notification email. But there is a possibility that they announce Frieda and family sales on the weekends. 

How To Avoid Pottery Barn Delivery Surcharge

Delivering furniture can be very costly at times. So if you want to avoid paying an extra delivery charge for your Pottery Barn furniture then 

  • You can pick up your order from their pick-up point 
  • You can also purchase from their online store as well
  • Buying furniture from the local store is another solution that will save up the delivery charge
  • If you buy from the online store you can choose a suitable delivery option 

Why Is Pottery Barn So Expensive 

As you already know that Pottery Barn is a high-end furniture brand that makes and designs most of its products by itself it is obvious that it’s going to cost more. All their designs are unique and crafted by highly experienced artists.

So the more intricate the design and material are the more time it will take to make that piece and eventually the cost will also increase. They are really careful and meticulous while making each piece with top-notch materials which makes all of their designs marvelous and eye-catching. Toasts why Pottery Barn furniture is so expensive.

What Style Is Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is well known for its traditional and classy-looking furniture pieces which can make any home look lavish? Mostly they specialize in making American updates-traditional style with timeless features and high-quality materials. 

If you want a warm and cozy-looking atmosphere inside your house then their furniture can surely help you get that look. But if you are on a budget that can be tricky because Pottery Barn furniture costs thousands of dollars for a single piece at times. 

Their Furniture Is Influenced By 

  • English country look
  • Farmhouse
  • French countryside
  • Industrial
  • Cabin
  • Hampton
  • Country style

How To Get A Pottery Barn Discount

To get Pottery Barn discounts you can

  • Register online which will offer a 10% discount for six months on any item that you selected or will select later on
  • To get a coupon code from Pottery Barn select your item and click on check out. Then click on the cart to purchase and you will get a point. When you reach the payment option you will find a box for promo code. So use that code to get a discount of up to 70%
  • You can also look for special discount codes for their products 

When Does The Pottery Barn Memorial Day Sale Start

Mostly in Pottery Barn a specific sale starts several days before the due date and lasts several days after the due date. In 2022 their Memorial Day sale will start on Jun  28, 2022, and will last for May 31, 2022. You have to register to their official website to get a sales notification in your email. 

4 Easy Steps To Know How To Wash Pottery Barn Slipcovers

The process of washing slipcovers can take the better part of the day but it will not take every moment of your day. So basically what your need to do is get it started and just listen for the washing machine to finish, throw it into the dryer and then get it back onto your Pottery Barn slipcovers.

Step 1

Take off your slipcover and put it aside and then all the cushion covers and the cover for the base of the couch as well. According to the Pottery, Barn manufacturers do not overload your washing machine if you want a good wash. 

Step 2

If your slipcovers have zippers then zip them up. Use a laundry detergent that does not contain any type of blu dye. Wash it with cold water and the lowest cycle. Make sure to fill up your machine over halfway. Once the washing is done remove it and let it dry until it is damp. Then put it on the couch. If will allow io to dry all the way or too long it will shrink. 

Step 3

Don’t put the cushion on the slipcover and let it dry all the way first. Leave it pulled out away from the wall. That might take a few hours depending on the humidity. If you have feathered cushions then vacuum the couch before putting the slipcover. 

Step 4

Wash your slipcovers three loads. The first one is for the bench cushion, the second one is for the part of the slipcover that covers the entire frame, and the last one is for the pillow and cushion covers. Dry the covers in a time dry for about 20 minutes. 

How To Wash Belgian Flax Linen

It is a very expensive fabric so you must not take it to your dry cleaner because this will surely ruin your fabric. Washing Belgian flax linen at home is a must. It does not matter if you’re washing it with your hands or in the washing machine. To clean your linen

  • Use cool to mildly warm water and a mild detergent 
  • If your handwashing doesn’t twist it cause the fabric will lose its shape and form
  • When washing in the machine use lots of water and don’t overcrowd it so water can go through all the pieces nicely
  • To dry the fabric either hang it or flat to air dry 
  • When ironing the fabric make sure it’s damp and use low heat

Pottery Barn Sofa Reviews 

Checking out reviews on your favorite product is very important because you will be spending a lot of money on your desired product so you need to confirm which you are going to invest and if it’s worth your money.

  • Pottery Barn sofas are famous for their quality and material 
  • They last for years and keep their shine longer
  • They are gorgeous and traditional looking which gives your living room a warm and cozy vibe
  • They are super comfortable to sit on and come with tons of pillows 
  • They are customizable so you can ask for the color change, material change, or fabric or size change
  • You can also decide on the sitting style arrangements
  • Some sofas also come in an affordable pierce range in the sale so keep an eye on that
  • The sofa sets are contemporary looking which fits any kind of home decor 


With all that luxury that Pottery Barn furniture brings to your home, you now know where is Pottery Barn furniture made, where they manufacture their exclusive products, who designs them, and crafts them, and why they are so popular in the marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Pottery Barn Furniture Made In The US?

Yes! Most of the Pottery Barn furniture is made in their factory in San Francisco by their artsmen and designers. But they also import a few pieces from around the world, and special designs, materials, wood, etc. 

Where Are Pottery Barn Leather Chairs Made?

Your Pottery Barn furniture may come from one of the two places; North Carolina or from a Sutter home or San Francisco where most of their furniture manufacturers are. Depending on the model the location of the factory may change. 

Where Are West Elm Sofas Made?

The West Elm sofas are made in America using local makers and high-quality products. 

Who Makes Furniture For Crate And Barrel?

Crate and Barrel furniture is made in the USA and also few pieces are imported from many parts of the world depending on the customer’s choice and preference of material or design. 

Are Pottery Barn Products Made In China?

Most of the Pottery Barn products are made in the USA in their factory. They customize their designs, crafts, colors, materials, and fabric. But they also import from many parts of the world depending on the orders. So they may import from China too but their products are not made in China. 

What Company Owns Pottery Barn?

Pottery Barn was founded in 1948 by Williams-Sonoma, Inc as a high-end luxury furniture brand. The founders of this company are Paul Secon and Morris Secon. 

How To Clean Pottery Barn Slipcovers?

To wash your Pottery Barn slipcovers use cold water and mild blue dye-free detergent under low washing pressure. You can either hand wash it or machine washes. Make sure to small loads at a time with more amount of water. So the water can get through the fabric thoroughly. Do not fully dry it or it will shrink. Take it out when damp and put it on the couch to let it air dry. 

Where Are Pottery Barn Kids Beds Made?

Like any other piece of furniture from Pottery Barn, the kids’ beds are also made in the USA in their factories depending on the model. 

How Do You Get Stains Out Of Slipcovers?

To get stains out of slipcovers take them out first. Then spray Resolve on the stains. Use a scoop of Oxyclean and a detergent tablet with cold water to wash in the washing machine in full cycle. Dry them in the dryer till damp then let them air dry on the couch. 

Can I Wash My Slipcovers?

Yes, you can. Just use cold water, and mild detergent without blue dye, and run it in the medium cycle in the washing machine. Then let it air dry or in the dryer till damp. 

Can You Wash Dry Clean Only Slipcovers?

Washing rated fabric in the dry cleaner is not recommended at all. Because they may ruin your fabric, shrink it, and if it has a pattern it will ruin it as well. 

Can Sofa Covers Be Washed?

Yes, they can. But use cold water, low cycle, dye-free mild detergent, or pod to wash it in the machine.