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LG TV Says Wifi Is Turned Off [6 Ways To Solved ]

(6 Ways) LG TV Says Wifi Is Turned Off

Are you having problems with your LG Smart TV linking to the internet? If yes, then we have the perfect solutions for those problems. All you need to do is just read through the whole thing very carefully without skipping and by the end of it, we can guarantee you that you’ll get the main idea pretty clearly.

If you are having problems with the Wi-Fi connection with the TV then you can always start by rebooting your TV manually. You can also try turning off or on your tv to solve this issue. Sometimes changing the tv settings also works for this problem. 

But more solutions can be used to solve this issue and you can find all that right down below with extensive details and helpful tips. 

6 Techniques To Follow – LG TV Says Wifi Is Turned Off

We all know that LG TVs are user-friendly and reliable and cutting-edge devices. Nonetheless, if you don’t know how to fix the common LG tv wifi turned-off problem, life may not seem attractive when you experience it. So we want you to avoid a bad experience.

Technique 1

Try turning the TV off and on. Modern LG TVs might not have a hard reset button on them. So if you presume software matters you’ll need to do this. Physically disconnect the TV from the power outlet. Wait for about one minute. Restart the TV. 

Technique 2

Turn off the quick start and sampling features. Some features that were meant to make our TVs smart do the complete opposite sometimes. So try tweaking a few settings to see if they were the culprits. On your remote simply go to settings, all settings, general, quick start or sampling, and click off. After you do that, turn the tv off, wait a minute, and turn it back on. 

Technique 3

Check time and date settings. Since your time and date, set-ups could be the hidden issue you can do the following, to solve that. Go to settings, choose general and then date and time, uncheck set automatically, and set the correct local time and date manually. 

Technique 4

DNS servers can also cause problems. Just go to settings, select network, select connected to the internet, see your current DNS server setting, click edit below, uncheck the set automatically box, select DNS server field, enter ‘’ and click save. 

Technique 5

Unscrew the back of your tv, locate the Wi-Fi module and the ribbon cable with the blue tape over it, get rid of the blue tape and straighten the folded-over Wi-Fi ribbon cable, and gently straighten any other Wi-Fi module cables that seem bent. 

Technique 6

Keep your router plugged in. Find its reset button, and use a paperclip to hold down the reset button for 30 seconds. Free the button and wait for the router to turn back on. Some routers will have a reliable reset button. Just click it and wait for your router to resume. 

LG TV Troubleshooting

It can be frustrating when you settle in to watch some TV but your screen doesn’t turn on. But before you go out and purchase a new TV you might be able to fix it with our simple and easy hacks. 

Hack 1

The first one is to change the batteries on your remote control. A fresh set of batteries might do the trick for you to power your TV. 

Hack 2

This method requires you to unplug your TV from the wall outlet for 60 seconds. This is very different from turning your TV on and off with remote control. So make sure you do it this way.

Hack 3

This method would be to unplug your TV again and hold the power button on the TV for 30 seconds. This method is called a hard reset of your TV and will drain any power in your device. Then hit it back on and try turning it on again. If this works great, if not, let’s go ahead and move on to the next hack. 

Hack 4

In this hack, you need to plug the TV into a different wall outlet. Not the one that you have plugged in now. Maybe into a different room even. You might have a particular wall outlet that went bad and doing this will make sure that you’re getting the correct power source to your TV. 

Hack 5

Lastly, check all the cable connections that are plugged into your TV. Sometimes a  power cable can get loose and not give your TV the connection it needs to power on. 

LG TV Wifi Is Not Working

Just imagine, that whenever you turn on your LG TV, it could not connect to the Wi-Fi. That might sound frustrating. Right! So if you are going through the same kind of problem and you don’t know how to fix it then here is the solution for you.

Just follow the steps to fix that damn Wi-Fi. 

  1. Take your remote control and press the menu button
  2. A menu will pop on the screen 
  3. You need to go down and select the last option which is all the settings
  4. A new menu will appear on your left 
  5. You need to scroll down to general
  6. Select it
  7. Then scroll again down to reset to initial settings
  8. Press ok
  9. Then it will ask you to confirm and you need to press ok
  10. It will reset the whole system and solve the issue with the wifi

LG Customer Support

Suppose you have any of the LG products like mobile, TV, fridge, etc. in your home and you are facing problems with it, it is best to consult with LG customer support before taking any steps. This way they’ll be able to direct you to the possible solution. 

In almost all the countries you’ll find a local online LG support center where you can call for help any time of the day, as they are open 24/7. Suppose, you live in the states and you need to consult with the LG support center. 

Just search the local LG support center’s number from Google through your phone or computer. Or go to To do any inquiry about home appliances and electric products you can call 800-243-0000 (Monday to Sunday. 8 AM to 9 PM EST). You can also mail them to this address. 

How To Turn On The Wifi On LG TV  (6 Easy Steps)

To connect wifi on your LG smart TV please grab your remote and follow the steps down below:

Step 1: The first thing that you have to do is grab your remote and press the home button.

Step 2: Now you need to go to the settings option using the remote’s right arrow button and the options will appear on the TV’s top right-hand side. Then click on ‘okay’.

Step 3: Or just look at your remote and that should have a settings button at the top. So just click that button and go all the way down to the network option.

Step 4: If your wifi is not connected to the TV here you’ll be able to see it. Then click on okay. Give this a few seconds to load up and right away you should be on where it says the network.

Step 5: Go ahead and press to the right and go down to where it says the wifi connection is not connected. Here click okay on the remote. 

Step 6: Now you can simply find your home wifi name from the options and click enter. Then you need to enter your wifi password and go down to enter and press on okay. Your wifi should be connected now. 

How To Turn On The Wifi On LG TV Without Remote

If you don’t have the remote of your LG TV and need to connect it to the wifi then you can use a USB-connected mouse or you can just buy one from the store. To connect your mouse to your tv, you need to go close to it and there will be a button underneath it once. It will give you a short list of options on the screen. Here you need to click your input and go up to live tv.

Now click on it and go all the way to the right and click channels. Now go all the way down and click the option ‘recommended’. So here if it tells you that your wifi is not connected. Here all you have to do is just go to yes. From here your network settings will pop up and you can get connected to your wireless internet. Then just put your password in and press ok. Your wifi will get connected in seconds. 

How To Turn On The Wifi On LG TV With Remote

If you look closely at your LG remote control you’ll see a button called settings at the very top. If you click it you’ll notice that a menu will appear on the screen on the left side. Using the arrow keys scroll down the list until you get to the network option.

Now follow the steps to connect to the wifi:

  • Go to the network option and press enter. This will bring you to the connection window
  • Scroll along to the right-hand side and scroll down to the wifi connection option
  • Press enter here and you’ll be on the wifi connection window
  • Scroll up, then down to locate the network that you want to connect to
  • Press enter once you locate the network and enter your password
  • When you see a tick sign placed beside your wifi network it means you are now connected 

How To Connect LG TV To Wifi Without Remote

To connect your LG tv to wifi the wifi can be easily done by the remote that comes with it. But what if you don’t have it but you still need something that can connect the wifi with the tv? If this case you can use your cell phone as a remote control. But first, you need to follow the steps down below to connect the cell phone to the tv:

  1. The first thing that you have to do is download the LG Smart Thinkyou app from the Google Play Store /  IOS. once you do that you’ll get an icon on the phone’s home screen
  2. Click on that icon and register yourself 
  3. Then you’ll see the ‘no products registered’ section. So click on that. it‘s going to give you some wifi information where you need to click on the okay option
  4. Then you’ll see a list of LG appliances where you have to choose a TV. Select your tv by the model number
  5. Once you do that a sequence of numbers will pop up and you have to type that up and click ok
  6. Now your phone is paired to your tv which you can use as a remote
  7. On your home screen, you’re going to see a very simplified remote so you can do channel changes or volume up and down or connect the wifi to your tv like the usual

Why Is The Wifi Not Working On My LG TV?

Often people select some option on their LG tv which doesn’t allow the wifi to connect with the tv properly or doesn’t get full access. So when you are connecting your wifi with the tv make sure you are following all the steps instructed by the manufacturer and also make sure that you are allowing full and auto access to the wifi connection. Also if you’re wifi is running slow or needs a restart it can cause problems connecting to the tv.  

Why Does My LG TV Say Wifi Is Turned Off | 4 Easy Step

Here we are going to explain to you how to fix the wifi connection turn-off issue on your LG tv in the simplest way possible.

Step 1

First of all, put your tv on a flat surface like a table and unscrew screws from the bottom and also four side screws, two middle side screws, then three top screws, and the remaining two screws on the top of the cover. 

Step 2

Then take off the back cover of your tv. The main reason for this problem is the wifi module that is inside your tv. It can be a manufacturer’s defect as well. So here you also need to take out all the screws of that module. 

Step 3

There is a socket block that is attached to the module. Sometimes if it’s corrupted or it has dust on it, it just stops working. So you need to clean that socket block with an alcohol wipe. Use a small paintbrush to clean any dust around the socket. 

Step 4

After that assemble all the things back together. Plug it back and screw it down. Now you can check if the wifi works because it should be. 

How To Restart The LG TV

Are you thinking about how to restart or reboot an LG tv? Then you are in the right place. There are several different methods to restart an LG tv, including ways with the remote and without; we will go over all of these right here.

Restart With The Remote

  • Press the home button on the tv remorse so that the menu shows
  • Scroll down to settings and select general
  • Choose reset
  • Follow the on-screen pedagogy until you get to the end page
  • Chose confirm and enter the tv’s password
  • Choose restart 

Restarting Without Remote

  • Hold on to the power button of the tv for 10 seconds. It’s usually on the side or the bottom
  • Use the controls on the tv to choose the menu and choose settings
  • Choose general, then reset option, and click confirm
  • Enter in the password or the default pin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are common problems with LG TVs?

There can be several problems that you may face if you have an LG tv at home. Such as inconsistent color, Wi-Fi dropouts, posterization, faulty HDMI output, bad sound quality, bad image quality, etc. 

How do I turn on the WiFi on LG Smart TV?

To turn on the Wi-Fi on your LG tv you can use the settings button that is on the remote. Press it, go to the network option followed by Wi-Fi connection, choose your home network, enter your password, and it will be connected. 

Why is my LG TV not connecting to WiFi anymore?

This kind of problem might happen if there is a problem in your tv settings or the router. The module inside your tv might also get dusty which could cause disruption. 

How do I reset my LG Smart TV?

There is a hard reset button underneath your LG tv. Press that button and keep it suppressed for 39 seconds and then release. Then let your tv just turn on by itself. 

How do I reboot my Smart TV?

There is a power button on your TV that can be used to reboot it. It can be on the side or under the screen. Push and retain it for a few seconds and then release it. Your TV will automatically reboot itself. 


Most of the time these kinds of problems can be solved without calling someone for help and wasting your money. So you must go through all these tips to save that extra cash. Also, it will give you a better understanding of your tv overall.

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