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How To Stop Fleece Blankets From Shedding? SOLVED!

Fixing Solutions - How To Stop Fleece Blankets From Shedding

When washing a fleece blanket or any other kind of delicate fabric blanket or clothing item we all have faced many problems regarding excessive shedding, dirty lint balls on the fabric surface, color fading, or getting matted. But you’ll be surprised to know that all these problems can be solved with just a few simple DIY hacks that will make your life a lot easier and your favorite blanket look new every time you wash it. 

If your fleece blanket is shedding and leaving traits all around your room then this hack will be extremely helpful for you. All you need to do is brush or comb the blanket before washing so the loose fibers come out and give it a good shake. Then wash the blanket in cold water and mild detergent on a low cycle or hand wash them. Use vinegar or hair conditioner at the end with a new batch of water. Hang the blanket on a clothing rack to air dry

Not only this hack, but we also have some other awesome hacks for other kinds of delicate fabrics that will just blow your mind and make your washing more fun.

How To Stop Fleece Blankets From Shedding?

Faux fur, sherpa, fleece, and Minky are trendy fabrics that are great for the winter season. To stop each fabric blanket from shedding, especially fleece we have some specific care instructions that will work like magic for these fabrics. 

  • They should be washed when needed using cold water on a delicate cycle and a small amount of lid detergent 
  • Do not use fabric softeners and try to keep them out of the rain
  • When the fleece blanket comes out of the wash mix two cups of water and a teaspoon of hair conditioner in a spray bottle
  • Spritz the blanket lightly in little sections and dust it through 
  • Then fluff it with your fingers or use a boar bristle brush in places that get matted and hang to dry

How To Stop My Plush Blanket From Shedding

To stop your plush blanket from shedding, put it through the washing machine in a gentle cycle. This stops the stepping completely. But if your blanket still sheds, add one cup of distilled vinegar with cold water and wash your blanket on the lowest cycle. This will surely stop the shedding.

After your blanket is almost in a moist state use your hands or a boar bristle brush to fluff the blanket. Then hang your blanket straight to finish the year of the drying process. Do not dry your plush blanket on the dryer.  

4 Easy Steps To Know How To Keep Fleece Blanket From Pilling

If you are struggling to keep a fleece blanket from pilling then only a simple hack can end your struggle. This hack has to be applied before you wash your blanket. It prepares and removes the lint balls that remain on top. Only washing will not remove those dirty-looking pill-offs.  

Step 1

So first, you need to take a fine tooth comb or a bristle brush and lay your blanket on the floor to remove the pilled particles from the blanket. You need to hold the comb or brush at a perpendicular angle and brush through the blanket in a sweeping motion. This will collect all the polling bits on the comb. 

Step 2

Now add a cup of vinegar with cold water to your washing machine and simply wash your blanket. Make sure the washing machine is set on the lowest cycle. 

Step 3

Then a teaspoon of hair conditioner with a new set of cold water on the machine and wash your blanket for the second time.

Step 4

Do not dry your blanket on the dryer. Just take the blanket out of the washing machine and hang it straight. When the blanket is a little bit damp and not wet, fluff it with your hands or with a brush so there is no matte left, and hang it again until completely dry.

Fleece Blanket Shedding After Washing

It’s always exciting and comfy to get new looking, freshly washed fleece blanket. But it gets very awful if your washed blanket starts shedding leaving trails everywhere in the room. So follow our tips to stop your fleece blanket from shedding:

  • You can get rid of excess lint on blankets by combing it off with a brush or comb. It will take a while but it is well worth it if you don’t like lint on your blankets
  • For just over $10 you can get a fabric diffuser from Amazon that shaves the fuzz right off the washed blankets
  • Add a cup of white vinegar with cold water and mild detergent while washing your blankets on the lowest setting. This will prevent your blanket from further shedding
  • Hang your blanket to dry

How To Stop Wool Blankets From Shedding

Fluffing is a normal process that happens naturally with all wool fabrics. Wool shedding is not a defect, but a characteristic of the natural wool fiber used. To stop your wool blanket from shedding gently and frequently vacuum the blanket before and after using. Sweep the blanket with a soft fiber brush and cut protruding trusts with scissors. Don’t pull them out to prevent further damage. 

How To Stop Polyester Blankets From Shedding

If you want to avoid the shedding of your polyester blanket you need to be meticulous about the way you wash them. Sometimes it’s unavoidable depending on the kind of fibers that your blanket is made of and how much it gets used over time. But you can reduce the amount of rubbing that happens in the washer or dryer.

For example, you can choose to hand wash articles of polyester knitwear that you want to avoid having that weird worn-in-shedding look happen. So if you hand wash them in the sink or the bathtub or a big bucket you need to be very careful about squeezing them and not rubbing them together. Because when you rub things together while wet it creates more shedding after it’s dry. 

Also didn’t throw your polyester blankets on the dryer. If you lay your blanket flat or you hang them over a drying rack to dry, then they are not going to be rubbing up against each other or anything else. That too will reduce the friction and tumbling and shedding that happens with the little fibers.

How To Stop Fuzzy Blankets From Shedding

Shedding is a natural characteristic that can happen on fuzzy blankets. As blankets like this can get rubbed off quite often they tend to shed a lot easier. That is why you need to be a little more gentle and caring while washing them, fluffing them, de-shedding them, and so on. 

Pre-washing Preparations 

When it comes to a shedding blanket you’ll notice those nasty lint balls all over the blanket which can destroy the softness of your blanket and make it stiff over time. They also tend to get matted very easily. That is why you need to follow the pre-washing precautions to get rid of all those lint balls in the first place.

Use a brush or comb with fine teeth to brush off all the lint balls that are on your blanket. Hold your comb at an angle so it can separate the lint balls while brushing or combing. This might take a while so be patient and try to remove all those balls completely. At the end of this process, you’ll notice your blanket getting a  lot smoother and softer instantly.

During Washing

If you’re blanket tends to shed a lot then you need to be very meticulous while washing it on the washing machine. It is a very good idea to hand wash your fuzzy blankets and use a squeezing trenching instead rubbing them. But if it seems difficult for you then wash your blanket in cold water and mild detergent in the lowest setting.

Then rinse the blanket with fresh water and mix a cup of vinegar with the water and wash it on the lowest setting again. You don’t need to rinse the vinegar any further. 

After Washing Care

When your blanket is fully washed, do not put it on the dryer. It’s better to hang it on a clothing rack or lay it flat on a table until dry. When the blanket is moist, use a soft bristle brush to brush the matted areas lightly and fluff it all the way. Then let it dry again until fully dried. 

How To Stop Faux Fur Blankets From Shedding

Your fabulous fur blanket will be beautiful for many years but here are a few tips for keeping it truly fabulous:

  • Shake the blanket and watch the fur bloom; whether it’s been stored in a crowded closet or right out of the box
  • If it has creases, use a clean needle brush that cats love and brush the fur against the matt 
  • If the creases remain use a clean wet washcloth and stroke the fur against the pile and use that needle brush to speed up the process 
  • Allow it to dry flat or hang it to dry because heat of any kind will be very damaging. It will freeze the fur
  • While washing your faux fur blanket on the machine use mild detergent and cold water on the lowest cycle
  • Then mix a teaspoon of hair conditioner with a new batch of water and wash the blanket another time and hang it to dry

How To Stop An Acrylic Blanket From Shedding

It is always a good idea to wash acrylic blankets or any clothing piece with your hands. Because when you wash it on the washing machine it tends to get rubbed more frequently which causes more shedding. It won’t be possible to stop the shedding completely but you can surely reduce the amount using some simple cleaning hacks.

Step 1

To start with softening your piece, you have to fill a sink or a bowl, or a bathtub with cold water. This is essential and you need to make sure that you soak the blanket in cold water. It’ll help kind of shock the fibers of the polyester blanket and get them ready to accept your following treatment. This kind of fabric tends to soak in a lot of water so you might need to refill the sink or bowl. Leave the blanket to soak like this for 20 minutes.

Step 2

The next step is going to be to shampoo and condition your acrylic blanket. You have to make sure that you squeeze out your garment very well before doing this and then apply a healthy amount of shampoo depending on the size of your blanket taking time to work on the piece and then carefully rinse it out. 

Step 3

Then fill out your tub or sink or bowl with cold water and add conditioner according to the size of your blanket and work it into the fabric and just kind of stretch it in and pull it. Let the blanket sit in the water for 10 minutes. Then just rinse with fresh weather afterward. 

Step 4

Now you can go ahead and let it air dry on a hanger or a clothing rack. Do not dry it on the dryer or else it will shrink and the size will not be the same. 

How To Clean Sherpa’s Blanket

Sherpa should be cleaned when needed using cold water on a mild cycle and a small portion of gentle detergent. Do not use fabric softeners or any harsh chemicals or strong detergents. When the sherpa blanket comes out of the wash fluff it with your finger or uses a boar bristle brush in places that got matted and hang to dry.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Is My Fleece Blanket Shedding?

No matter what fabric is on your blanket, they tend to get rubbed a lot when you use them. So that’s a soul reason why your fleece blanket is shedding. Another reason for a shedding blanket is the way you are washing them. If you use hard detergent or high cycle in the washing machine or dry your blanket in the dryer then that can also cause shedding. 

How Do You Stop A New Fleece Blanket From Shedding?

If your fleece blanket is shedding extremely then first, wash it in the lowest cycle in the washing machine with cold water and mild detergent. Then wash it again with cold water and vinegar. Lastly, hang it to dry on a rack or hanger.

How Do You Stop The Fuzzy Fabric From Shedding?

When it comes to fuzzy fabrics you need to remove the loose lines that are on top of the fabric. This way the fabric will feel much smoother and softer. But if the shedding is too much then rinse the fabric with cold water and vinegar mix and leave it for 10 minutes. Then simply just air dry the fabric. The shedding will be much less. 

Is It Normal For The Fleece To Shed?

Yes. Fabrics like fleece, wool, faux fur, Minky, polyester, etc shed a lot that is not taken care of properly and washed very roughly. Also if you run these fabrics too much the shedding can get worse. 

How Do You Stop Polyester Fleece From Shedding?

While washing polyester fleece fabric make sure the water is cold and you are using mild detergent. Also, hand washing is best if you want to reduce the amount of shedding. Use a conditioner after washing with detergent. This way the fabric will be much smoother and softer and will not shed that much. 

How Do I Keep My Woolen Blanket From Fraying?

If you are concerned about your woolen blanket getting frayed then there must be something wrong with the process you are using. Woolen blankets must be washed with cold water and very mild detergent or shampoo. Also, you need to use conditioner-based water at the end to intact its color and fluff. This kind of fabric should be washed by hand and left to dry naturally. 


We all love big, fluffy, soft blankets during the winter season. But as well as these cozy blankets make us feel we also need to take good care of them so they can last for years without losing their softness fluff and integrity. That’s why our washing hacks can be a lifesaver for you if you follow the steps exam toy the way we have recommended.