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How To Unlock A Door With A Hole | A Detailed Guide

The Ultimate Guide How To Unlock A Door With A Hole

Locking yourself in the bedroom or bathroom door can be frustrating, but if you have kids locked inside then it can be a devastating experience for anyone. That is why you should always know the optional ways to unlock the door in times of emergencies. That’s why here in how to unlock a door with a hole we have explained all the possible ways that you can use it.

To unlock a locked door use a secondary key that comes with any lock and usually people put them on top of the door frame. So look for that key first. When you find it insert it into the hole beside your lock. Then push and turn it clockwise at the same time. It will unlock that door for you in seconds. 

Here we have mentioned how you can unlock a door using an emergency key, a screwdriver, a paper clip, etc. to unlock the bedroom or bathroom door with or without a hole on the sides. So keep carefully can practice it at your home so you know when to do it during emergencies. 

5 Simple Methods To Know How To Unlock A Door With A Hole

There are several DIY tools that you can make instantly to unlock any doorknobs. But with any kind of tool, you may require some practice and patience.  

Use A Lock Key

There is a small little key with a flat tip on it that comes with the lock. Insert the key right into the hole of the lock. You may require the key to be straight in or at an angle. When it reaches the ned give it a little twist and your door will be unlocked. 

Use A Small Screwdriver

You need your screwdriver to be flat-headed and very small so that it can go into the lock hole. Now push the screwdriver into the hole, twist it, and your door will be unlocked.

Use A Paper Clip

Bend the paper clip straight and make a tip on the end using a plier so it fits into the groove. Push it inside, give it a turn, and you’re in. Simple!

Use A Wire Clothes Hanger

Flatten the tip of the hanger with a hammer and it will easily insert into the lock hole. Now the process is the same; twist, turn, and unlock. 

Use A Thin Piece Of Plastic

Insert the piece of plastic between the door and frame crack. Make sure you hold the card above the lock. Now slide it into the crack of the door and it will push that lever latch back so that the door swings open. 

Types Of Privacy Locks

There are three kinds of privacy locks that are used in bedroom doors or bathroom doors, such as:

  • Turn button lock
  • Privacy pushpin/ button lock
  • Privacy bolt with a lever or knob 

How To Unlock A Privacy Lock

Use a small screwdriver that can fit inside the lock hole. For some locks, you may need to turn the screwdriver. Give the screwdriver a little twist and the lock will get unlocked leaving the door open.

You can use a screwdriver, a coin, an emergency lock, a paper clip, a safety pin, or a plastic card like a bank card to unlock a privacy lock. All you have to do is just insert your tool into the lock hole to push the lock lever and unlock your door.  

How To Unlock A Door With A Hole Without Key (5 Easy Steps)

If you have noticed oftentimes when you are in your home and trying to open a door and suddenly you just can’t. Because it’s locked. So what do you do right at that moment? It’s such a moment that makes you feel helpless. But you can unlock a door with a hole without a key in case of emergencies. 

Step 1

Usually, there is a small key that stays on top of your door which goes into the small hole beside your privacy lock looks like an Alley wrench. That key can open the locked door when you insert it through the hole and push it inside twist it clockwise and you’ll hear a pop. your locked doors will be unlocked.  

Step 2

You can do the same thing with a collar pin or a Phillip screwdriver. The collar pin acts exactly like the privacy lock key. But if you don’t have one in you right at that time a screwdriver can work like a miracle. 

So just take your screwdriver and put it inside the small hole where there will be a screw inside. Now turn the screwdriver counterclockwise, about a turn and a half or maybe two turns. Don’t take the screwdriver out. The lock will get loose and you’ll see the stem of the lever sticking out. 

Step 3

Then turn the stem clockwise and counterclockwise it will unlock your door right away. Once you unlock it just put it back the way you took it off. Look inside the lock that you just pulled out and you’ll see little grooves. So make sure you’ve aligned everything up correctly. 

Step 4

So you slide the lock back in its place and once you do so turn it to get it inline. Right next to the screw and turn it clockwise. When you hit a pop into place and then just tighten it up. Then you just slide it and turn it clockwise so that the screw side is in place. 

Step 5

Then take your screwdriver and tighten it up. You should not over-tighten it cause that might strip that screw. Make sure the lock is nice and tight to its right place and not moving around. So keep your screwdriver around the house for this kind of emergency. 

How To Unlock A Door With A Hole In The Knob

There is always an emergency key that comes with a privacy lock which looks like an Alley wrench and you can use that key to unlock your locked door. But you also need to know an alternate solution if you lose that emergency key somehow and looked your doors. So follow the instructions below:

  • Take a small-sized paperclip and pull it out to make it straight 
  • Now get a needle nose pliers and squeeze the end of the clip to bend it like the emergency lock key
  • Now insert the clip into the doorknob hole and twist it clockwise and counterclockwise to reach into the lever
  • When you hear and pop turn on the doorknob it will open right away. 

How To Unlock A Doorknob With A Hole With A Bobby Pin

To pick a lock with a bobby pin first, bend open the bobby pin until it makes a 90-degree angle, and remove the rubber piece on the straight end. Bend it at the tip of the straight end. Now take a second bobby pin and turn the closed end to the side so it forms a 90-degree angle. You have to use this pin as a lever. 

Insert the angled end of the lever into the lock. Then turn the lever to one side to apply tension. Next enter the bent end of the pick into the lock on the lever. There are five pins inside of a standard lock, and each pin needs to be pressed up to the same point for the lock to open. 

Press the pins upwards and start with the pin that’s seized. To find the seized pin start near the outside of the lock and press upon each pin one at a time, inserting the pick further and further into the lock as you go. 

When you feel the click then understand that you’ve found a seized pin. Now move the pins up and down to reach the seized pin-and push it up. Keep doing this until you hear an audible click. Keep pressure on the lever. Find another seized pin the same way and repeat the process. Continue pressing the seized pins up with the pick until you’ve lifted every pin and the lock unlocks. 

How To Unlock A Door With A Hole On The Side

In a privacy lock, there will be a small hole in the handle or on the sides which can be used to unlock the door in case of emergencies when you won’t have a key. So to unlock the door through the side hole:

  1. So the first thing you need to do is find a nice small screwdriver that will be similar to the emergency key of the door
  2. Now place the screwdriver on the little crevice and you have to push down to get the head of the lock and pull that out. 
  3. Now put the screwdriver into the center of the lock and push it in and at the same time rotate and you will be able to open the lock right away 

How To Unlock A Push And Twist Door Lock Without A Hole

If you’ve got kids this is more likely to happen to you. You’ve been locked out of the bathroom or bedroom. If you are not familiar with your door lock take a look at that lock now. If you have a push and twist-lock you’ll find a keyhole and behind that little hole is a spindle with a groove.  So we are going to show you an unusual way to unlock that.

Using a plastic card like a credit card or Id card that you don’t mind ruined will act as magic when it comes to opening a locked push and twist door. Slide a credit card or any sort of plastic card between the lock and the door frame.

Now bend the card back towards the frame to force the lock into the door. If there’s no room between the lock and the frame, slid the card into the space above the lock and between the door and the frame. Angle the card towards the frame then swipe quickly downwards. The door will unlock. 

How To Open A Locked Door With A Screwdriver 

Using a screwdriver is an easy alternative method to opening a locked door with a screwdriver. You’ll need a tiny little screwdriver with a flat end. Perhaps one for your glasses laying around. It’ll act just act like the emergency key in work to get that door open. 

You can buy these screwdrivers in packages of five at a dollar store. So there’s no reason why you can’t keep several of these around at the house as well. Again put them on the frame of the door to get in. it works the same way.

  • Push the screwdriver as far as you can but not too much into the hole on the doorknob 
  • Then turn and twist the screwdriver until it catches on a groove 
  • And the lock will click right open

Final Verdict 

Now you know how to unlock yourself if you’re in a locked door by using any of the options we have explained throughout the whole article as it is also a necessity if you have kids. If you have any further questions regarding how to unlock a door with the hole feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Unlock The Bathroom Door And Twist The Lock?

With a push and twist-lock, the best way to unlock it is by using the emergency key that comes with it. So insert the flat part of the key into the small hole beside the lock and push it. While you are pushing the key inside twist it. It may require one or two turns depending on the lock lever. When you feel a pop inside the lock turn the handle and open your door. 

How To Unlock The Bathroom Door From The Outside?

If you do not have an emergency key to your bathroom lock use a small flat head screwdriver and insert it inside your lock. There will be a lever that will click when you’ll insert the screwdriver. Now when you’ll turn the screwdriver turn the lock knob as well. It will easily unlock it. 

How To Unlock The Bathroom Door With A Hole On The Side?

Using a paper clip can be a solution to this problem. But first, pull the pin straight and flatten the straight end. Now you’ll be able to insert the pin into the hole. If you push and turn the pin you will feel some sort of resistance which indicates the lever of your lock is up and you can open your door simply by turning it. Make sure you are turning your pin clockwise. 

How To Unlock A Bathroom Door Without A Hole?

If your doorknob does not have a hole in it you can try a plastic-like card driving license card, credit card, or some sort but make sure the card is not in use because it might get damaged. Now insert the card right above the lock from the door crack and swipe it downwards. This will unlock the door but may take sever tries. 

How To Unlock The Bathroom Door From The Outside With A Hole?

If you are outside your bathroom door and it is locked you may need to use some sort of tool that can go inside and push the lever up. So use a bobby pin and pull it in a 90-degree range. Now push the pin inside the lock hole and turn it clockwise. You may need half or a full turn and the lock latch will get loose. When you hear a click turn the door lock handle and open your door. 

How To Open A Locked Bedroom Door From The Outside?

If you are outside your locked bedroom room then the emergency key of the lock should be on the door frame. So look for that key. When you find it enter it into the lock hole and push and turn at the same time. This will push the lock lever the now simple just turn the handle of your doorknob to open it.