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How To Reset A Brinks Combination Lock | A To Z Guide

A Guide To Know How To Reset A Brinks Combination Lock

Knowing how to pick a lock is a kind of art because this can help you in emergencies, like when you’ve locked yourself out of your home or you simply just forgot the passcode. If you want to avoid this kind of hassles then you must know the lock picking techniques at least for your hose locks.

To reset a Brinks combination lock, open the shackle first. Now turn the shackle into a 90-degree angle and press it hard now rotate it another 90-degrees and reset the combination. Then release the shackle and turn it back into its position. And lock it. Lastly, scramble the dial so the lock remains closed. 

Lock picking is a special kind of talent and not everyone seems to realize its importance. But to avoid emergencies you should know how a 3-digit or 4-digit padlock works, how to reset them for extra security, and all that. 

How To Reset A Brinks Combination Lock?

Usually, when the lock comes brand new, its combination is set to four 0’s or three 0’s. But you can not use that code as anyone can guess. Because it’s too easy to guess. So knowing how to reset it is extremely important and anyone can do it at home. 

  • First, you need to use the original combination to unlock the shackle 
  • There will be a lever at the back of the lock, push it upwards, then turn it to the left so you can reset it
  • Now you will be able to reset the lock according to your liking
  • Once you’re done place the lever back in its position 
  • Now try to lock the shackle by scrambling the dials 
  • If it locks try to align the right combination to see if it works
  • And it will work perfectly

How To Reset A Combination Lock 4 Digit

To reset a combination lock first you can see a notch there; rotate the hook 90- a degree angle anti-clockwise and press the hook into the lock. Keep it steady and rotate another 90- degrees and the lock can be set now. For example, you want to set it to 9. Now the new connection is activated. The previous one will not work anymore. If the 4 zero doesn’t work you can try 1000 or 301. Make sure the numbers are exactly aligned with the arrow. 

How To Pick A Master Combination Lock

To pick a master combination lock follow the steps down below:

  • Pick up the lock, pull most of the slack out of the shackle 
  • Pull the shackle with medium pressure as you rotate the clockwise 
  • As you turn you’re going to feel a sticking point. The first combo will have more resistance than the rest of the lock
  • If you want to vary this, go all the way around the lock checking all the points, and will stop at your number 
  • Once you get the first number to add 5 to it and from here maintain medium pressure turn it counterclockwise, keep rotating it until it stops, binds up, and won’t let you go any further 
  • For example, your lock stopped at 20. Now for the second combination code, go ahead and start rotating it clockwise again until it sticks like it did the first time. 
  • Now that you have the first two combinations go ahead and reset the lock. From here maintain meeting pressure on the shackle; go ahead and rotate it clockwise. You’re going to feel grooves every four spaces or so
  • Lastly, test each combination until the lock opens

How To Pick A Letter Combination Lock

Letter dial combination locks are also known as word locks and they can come in many types, models, and designs. They are very similar to the cheap combination locks. They’ve got a keystone which is a little bit more pronounced and a white tick in the middle; the style’s wider. They can come in 3 words or 4-word locks. Follow the easiest steps to pick it:

Step 1

In this kind of lock, the binding order is bottom to top. Use some pressure on the shackle and pull it outwards. You have to start dialing from the last dial. Rotate the letters until you feel a click and it stops. This will be the letter for the last button. 

Step 2

Now start turning the second row from the bottom and keep rotating until it clicks and stops. Do the same thing for the third row from the bottom. Feel the click and stop. The last one will do the same. Now when all the letters are symmetrically positioned you will be able to pull out the shackle and open the lock. 

How To Unlock A 3 Dial Combination Lock

The first thing that you are going to do is, start from the top number row. Pull the shackle as hard as you can and rotate the dial numbers until you feel a click and the dial will stop rotating. It will feel like it clicked in and that might be the number. 

Now instead of going to the middle row, go to the end row. Again pull the shackle as hard as you can. Start rotating the numbers and try to find the number until it just clicks in. when it does that will be the number for that row. Repeat the same process for the third row as well. When you get all the numbers and the clicks you will be able to unlock it. 

How To Unlock A 4 Digit Combination Lock Without The Code

If you’ve forgotten the number to your combination lock it can be annoying. So here is the easiest way that you can use to unlock a 4-digit lock without knowing the code:

  • Apply some tension to the shackle then work out which dial has the most resistance and start with that one until you feel a change in the pressure. 
  • For example, for number eight it might feel freer and if you rock the dial back and forth you can see the shackle moving slightly in and out. This confirms that digit 8 is correct
  • Now you need to find the next deal with the most resistance and repeat the steps. Check for resistance for the next rows and you’ll be able to unlock it 

How To Reset Combination Lock Without Code

Here we are going to explain the reset process of a 3-digit combination lock. To set a combination of your own, turn the shackle 90-degrees counterclockwise, push the shackle down, and turn it an additional 90-degrees counterclockwise. Now you can set your new code according to your choosing. Now lastly, turn the shackle back to its position and it will be locked. 

How To Reset A 4 Digit Combination Lock If You Forgot The Code

If you look closely you’ll see a notch there. Rotate the hook 90-degrees until clockwise and press the hook into the lock. Keep it steady and rotate another 90-degrees and the lock can be set now. 

For example, if you want to set four 9’s. Now the new combination is activated. When you rotate the hook into its position the lock will close. And the previous number will not work anymore. 

How To Crack A 4 Digit Combination Padlock

  • Apply tension on the shackle start turning the first row 
  • When you get the most resistance on a certain number and the wheel stops turning that will be the number for that specific row
  • Now go to the second row, turn and get the right number
  • Now repeat the same fall the rows 
  • When all the correct numbers will be aligned the lock shackle will open up

How To Reset Luggage Lock Tsa007

Unlocking the locking of luggage is as easy as craking the padlocks or combination locks. If you have forgotten the lock number of your TSA007 luggage lock or if you don’t know your code you can’t find what the code is, and you’re logged out of your luggage 

then follow the steps to unlock it:

Step 1 

Look closely and you’ll see the release button on the left side, which is also for the TSA key. There are three dials in the middle, and you have where the zippers will go. With the release button, you usually can slide it on the arrow side towards the dial.

Step 2

So your main focus will be on the dial. Every dial has a metal cylinder on the side and that’s the main part. You need to look for an indentation on that metal part. When you turn the number of a or you’ll see the indentation only on the right number and not in others. Use the pointy end of a safety pin to push the dial so you can look clearly. 

Step 3

When you find the indentation on a certain number that is your number. So do the same for other dials. Align the numbers with indentations. Now try to push the release button and it should open by now.

Step 4

but if the lock does not work, rotate all the numbers one more time and try pushing again. Keep trying until the push-lock fully slides on the other side and your luggage lock will be open. 

How To Reset Tsa Lock Forgot Combination

After you have successfully cracked the combination of your TSA lock, now you need to reset it so you don’t have to go through all that hassle again and set a suitable password. The first thing you need to do is, align your combination. There is an arrow on the top and the bottom and the numbers have to be aligned according to the arrows. 

Now look at the top and you’ll see a notch there. So turn the shackle at a 90-degree angle and squeeze and depress the lock. Now set your new lock combination right now and release the pressure from the shackle. Now depress and lock the shackle into position. If you didn’t do it right the shackle won’t lock. And scramble the numbers. 

How To Reset A Master Lock Combination

We are going to discuss here the master lock 5401D key box combination code and how you can reset the lock with a new keyword. These are just kind of metal boxes where you store your keys typically outdoors and they’re generally water-tight and relatively strong. They have a 4-digit display or four-digit combinations and you just pull the lever and then take out the keys. 

When you buy these locks from the market the combination lock is set to 0’s. And later on, you need to change the number. So that’s when you need to know how to reset that lock combination.

  • Pop open the box cover and there is a reset lever you have to move it out and then process to reset
  • Now pop up the cover and turn the dials to reset your preferable code and pop it open again
  • And now you need to push the lever back to its position and your master lock is fully reset

How To Use A Combination Lock

You must have seen and used combination locks at your school or college lockers and know how easy they are to use. But have to ever think how they work and what is inside it. 

The Shackle

There is a casing on top which holds all the parts. On top, there is a metal curved bar which is called the shackle. It won’t come out until the right combination is put in. Then it pops right open. 

The Lever

Then comes the piece called the lever. It slides right onto the bar. The lever can rotate counterclockwise. Once it bends inside the tension makes the latch want to spring back to its original position. Normally the latch would just keep going, but the rotation will be stopped by the tiny bump.

The lever also has a tiny latch that is spring-loaded from the inside. The shackle comes down, pushes the latch in, and then the latch fits right into the groove, and it locks. when the shackle is pulled out the latch is forced to rotate to allow the shackle to come out. Then the lever springs back into place. 

The shackle can not come out because of the shackle collar. It escorts the shackle as it slides along. But it stops us once at the very top. 


The reason it works is that, if the latch can rotate, then the shackle won’t come out. The backplate has a bar sticking out. It clutches the three cams, washers in between, and a spring at the end. The spring makes sure the three cams and the washer are all pressed together. Cam 2 and 3 can spin freely. But cam 1 is attached to the dial. So when the dial spins it spins too.

Each cam has an indentation in them. The lock will open when all the camps are lined up. When they are not lined up, the lever won’t rotate. 


To use this kind of lock you need to set your combination. When you buy these locks they are set with 0’s combination. So to make them safer you need to reset that combination and shuffle the dial so no one can crack that lock and it remains safe. 

Final Verdict

Whenever you forget the combination of your padlock or can t find your keys to your door, you regret not knowing its picking techniques. This almost happened to many of us. So if you’ve already read the whole thing then you might not have to regret it anymore. Because now you know how to pick the lock. But only use these techniques in case of emergencies and not for any other illegal means.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do You Reset The Combination On A Brinks 3-digit Lock? 

When the lock comes it is set with a triple zero password which should be changed later on. So to change it open the lock and rotate the shackle 90-degrees first. Then compress the shackle and keep it steady. Now rotate the shackle to 90-degrees another time. Now set the new code and release the shackle. Now turn the shackle back to its position and your new lock will be set. Just scramble the digits for security purposes. 

How Do You Reset A Brinks 4-digit Lock?

Resetting a Brinks 4-digit lock is similar to resettings the 3-digit one. Just open the shackle, turn 90-degrees, compress the shackle, then turn to 90-degrees again, set the new code, release the shackle, and turn it into position. 

How Do You Unlock A Brinks Lock Without A Key?

If you have to unlock a Brinks lock you need to align all the right numbers. If you don’t know the right numbers then start with the first dial and keep rotating until you feel the click and it won’t rotate anymore. Then do the same thing with the other dials. When all the dials are aligned the lock will be unlocked. 

How Do You Pick A Brinks Lock With A Bobby Pin?

The first bend opens the bobby pin at a 90-degree angle. Remove the rubber piece on the top. Make a slight bend at the tip. Take a second bobby pin and bend the closed end to one side as a lever. Insert the bent end into the lock and turn it on one side to create tension. 

Inset the other bent end above the lever. Mostly there are five pins inside the lock and each one needs to be pressed at the same point to open it. Start with the seized pin. To find it start near the outside of the lock and press upon each pin one at a time. 

Insert the pin further and further inside. When you feel resistance you’ve found it. Move the pin-up and down to force it until you hear the click. Keep your pressure on the lever. Repeat the same process for another seized pin. The lock will unlock when all the seized pins are released. 

How Do You Pop A Brinks Lock?

To pop open a Brinks lock use two wrenches. Now set the two wrenches on each side of the lock’s shackles. Turn the wrenched from the opposite sides and the lock will pop open in seconds. Just keep them aligned and add some pressure while turning.